“From conception to completion in less than a year is unheard of. Great crew. The boat was completed on time.”Blane Hagedorn, owner of INDECISION, Secret Cove 58

“Lance, you were standing next to me the fi rst time I saw the boat — I was overwhelmed at how wonderful she turned out. I think you know how I feel.”Julie and Richard Houston, owners of JULIE KAY, Latitude 47

Building in fiberglass or aluminum, Bracewell Marine Group has completed a wide range of vessels for recreational and commercial applications. Designs are limited only by the customer’s imagination and by the laws of physics!

We build with uncompromising quality and attention to detail, and take great pride in saying the “Bracewell means built well.”

Customers come to us with elaborate plans developed from years of dreaming and thinking, or with a drawing on a napkin. Or something in between. We are pleased to turn these ideas into reality, and bring the necessary skills to ensure safety, seaworthiness, and performance.

We enjoy having our customers involved in their project!