“Bracewell Marine Group has done a fabulous job on all the work they were contracted to do for us. The built-in office and many custom pieces were done with great attention to detail, on time and on budget....I would highly recommend Bracewell to anyone looking for great quality cabinets and woodwork in your home”.Kim Reeves, West Vancouver, BC.

Fine millwork and cabinetmaking are our hallmarks, and the interior of any Bracewell yacht will stand above the rest. We’re artistic with our joinery, skilled in working with a wide variety of hardwoods, and proud to create the most memorable and beautiful interiors you’ll see. We strive for tasteful and elegant use of natural woods, with the purpose of providing the owner with many years of satisfaction and pride. Glitz and ostentation are not our style.

These same skills and creative capabilities can be applied to your home or workplace or to any custom cabinetmaking project. Contact us to discuss your ideas — and we’ll turn your dream into reality.