“I like the Bracewell 41 for its storage and for the way the pilothouse is integrated into the main cabin to keep people together, but in this case it’s more like I chose the people in the company — their culture of customer service — more than the boat or the brand”.Rob Hoehn, owner, Bracewell 41 hull no. 1 BLUE BEAUTY

Bracewell’s reputation is built on the quality and longevity of the many custom yachts built by its Richmond, BC team. Expanding this reputation beyond a knowledgeable group of naval architects and custom yacht buyers is the purpose of these “semi-custom” yacht models. The Bracewell 41 and the Pacesetter line offer proven performance, the recognition and reputation of a well-designed and known quantity, and the benefit of years of refinement. And yet the skill and craftsmanship of a true custom yacht builder is not forfeited in favor of mass production.

A yacht is often the culmination of a lifetime of hard work and success. Yacht buyers know what they want. And that may not be a “me too” yacht.

Do you want a customized interior layout? Mahogany instead of cherry? A different engine selection? A custom built-in deep freezer? The best entertainment system outside of Hollywood? Talk with Bracewell and configure your boat the way you want it.